Chai-Tak (deceased)

Thri-Kreen Ranger (Scout)


Chai-Tak is a Thri-Kreen, which means he’s an insectoid creature with six clawed limbs. Two are used as legs; the other four serve as arms, the upper two stronger while the lower two are used for more fine manipulation. Chai-Tak is lean and wears a thin patchwork of leathers as armor, keeping an obsidian-tipped spear in his hands to aid him in both combat and as a traveling tool. A shortbow with bone arrows made from the teeth of predatory animals is slung over his back.


Chai-Tak was born under a blood moon, an auspicious symbol for his pack of thri-kreen hunters from the lands known as Ka-la-tak. At the age of his adulthood, he was chosen by the spirit-ancestors of his people to follow the spirit smells of a life seed of an ancient Tree of Life. He and his clutch were to bring the seed back and help restore their lands which have been ravaged by the deep death.

His clutch master was slain trying to recover the seed and the others of his clutch are missing. He has bonded with a strange group that was also looking for the ancient tree of life, determined that if he cannot return the seed to Ka-la-tak, he will keep it safe.

Chai-Tak has had many adventures in which he…

  • carried the seed from the ancient Tree of Life in hopes of planting it to help restore Athas.
  • died during the fight to free the village of Kled from the occupying army of Urik.

Chai-Tak (deceased)

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