Birk Suntouched

Dwarf Rogue (Thief)


Birk is a wide-eyed dwarf who can be seen wandering Altaruk attempting to make a living by begging. He constantly mumbles nonsense. Most locals believe he’s a harmless loon but he is in fact a member of the Veiled Alliance who is tasked with uncovering any attempts to undermine the cities authority.

Birk typically wears tattered leather armor and carries a wooden staff carved to resemble an serpent. He carries little else except for a begging bowl.


Birk arrived in Altaruk shortly after Arisphistaneles took charge as the governor and found a role within the settlement’s Veiled Alliance as a spy.

Birk has had a few adventures in which he…

  • uncovered a plot by the guard captain Tellemon to assassinate Arisphistaneles and arranged for another chapter member Arnye to assassinate Tellemon.
  • escaped Galanaki, joing forces with Daqiq and his allies.

Birk Suntouched

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