Banoc Ma'an (deceased)

Male Genasi Cleric of Water


Banoc has pale blue skin that is always slightly damp to the touch. His hair is nearly white and those who carefully watch him will often see his hair moving as if under water.

He hides his features under cloth wraps and a large cloak so as to not draw too much attention to his nature. Around his neck he wears a small glass vial containing cool liquid from the elemental plane of water – a gift given to him by his elemental patron.


Banoc has had many adventures where he…

  • helped uncover knowledge from the library in Moil about Dregoth’s plans for godhood.
  • raised Jax and Lena from the dead before escaping the Realm of the Dead Gods.
  • avenged the destruction of the Veiled Alliance in Balic by killing the templar Darian Haraxes
  • traveled to the island of Mytilene where he helped recover the Dark Lens from the giants living there.
  • participated in the restoration of Ul-Athra.
  • helped establish a new headquarters for the Veiled Alliance in Tyr.

Banoc Ma'an (deceased)

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