Dark Sun: The Scorched World of Athas


At the party’s hideout in Balic, the sorcerer-king Andropinis and his remaining templars approached Daqiq, still within the cage. Daqiq was not in a good place, both hopelessly outmatched by the Dictator and because he had witnessed the death of his wife. When the sorcerer-king asked “What shall we do with you?” he sipmly replied that he wanted to search the Gray for Jax. Andropinis, aslo weary of the conflict, agreed and opened a portal for Daqiq, who stepped through into the Gray.

Turning to the unconscious Jarvix, Andropinis, considered his options carefully. Jarvix was stripped of all his possessions and then they waited for his to regain consciousness. When Jarvix did come to, it took only moments for him to realize the severity of the situation. Using the power gained from the magical deck of cards, he turned back time and altered his fate. Instead of being knocked unconscious during the fight, he was barely able to join with Gwyn when she teleported out. To everyone else, that was the sequence of events, but Jarvix remebered the original events as well.

The surviving party members arrived in the plains east of the Pristine Tower, grateful for their escape, but saddened for the loss of their friends. The journey to the Tower was mostly uneventful, save for a few beasts that were no match for the party, even in their weakened state. Gwyn was pleased that she suffered no ill effects from having used the Dark Lens.

At the Tower, they were allowed entry by the Shadow Giants and debated their next course of action. After much discussion, the party decided that the risks were not as great as the potential benefits and they allowed the giants to perform the ritual to re-energize the sun. Taking the Crown of Dust, which contained the souls of both Ul-Athra and Yarnath, and the dangerous deck of cards, the giants worked their magic, which culminated in a powerful beam of energy lancing into the sun and turning it slightly more yellow.

Rejuvenating the Sun

With the ritual complete, Thea could feel a connection to the divine partially restored and the party decided to offer up more items. This time the Censer of the Morninglord and the Axe of Rkard were given to the giants. More energy was injected into the Sun, and the connection to the divine strengthened.

The party began to plan their next move while concerned about the attention that the Pristine Tower might have drawn from the sorcerer-kings and other powerful individuals of Athas.